Copenhagen was the first Scandinavian city I’ve ever visited during a sneaky little weekend getaway (I live in the small airport town of Luton, near London, which allows me to get to the airport in 5-10 minutes after work on a Friday evening and get back by 9am on Monday morning, so I can get away for some weekend city breaks here and there without even taking any leave days). I loved it so much that I instantly decided to return soon and see more of this fascinating city, but if you only have a few days in Copenhagen, here are a few things that you absolutely cannot miss!


Black Diamond (Royal Library) + Dome of Visions

I’m mildly obsessed with libraries anyways, but this one is particularly amazing. The ‘Black Diamond’ nickname refers to the building’s polished black granite cladding and this is one of the most fascinating libraries I’ve seen in all of Europe.

Once you’re at the Black Diamond building, you can find the Dome of Visions right next to it, which looks like a massive glass house and it is a temporary building, intended to inspire regarding the solutions for the climate challenges to come. Oh and there’s amazing coffee served inside, mind you.

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