The Copenhagen Public Space Art Scene | 09/04/2014 by Jacob Stubbe Østergaard

When released from the confines of gallery rooms and pedestals and unleashed upon the public space, the artistic perspective can help widen a large number of people’s everyday lives and open up new paths and new connections in individuals and in society. Public space art has been growing for a long time and it’s still growing. Here’s a glance at how the scene is developing in Copenhagen.

On April 1, the Dome of Visions opened in a central but largely overlooked square by the harbour in Copenhagen. Dome of Visions is a piece of temporary architecture. It is a house built inside a greenhouse. Because it’s sheltered in a greenhouse, it doesn’t require heating. It’s built of cheap materials – mainly wood – because it does not need protection from the weather. Around the house in the middle of the dome, exotic plants grow high from the wooden floor. The plants are confusing: Are you indoors or outdoors?

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