Sustainability in Action: Golo Pilz in Dome of Visions

choraconnection | 2707 2015

On the 20th of July CHORA CONNECTION hosted the event ‘Sustainability in Action’ where German sustainability advisor in India Golo Pilz, did a presentation on ethics and sustainability, based on his personal experience from establishing a “solar thermal power project” in India.

Golo Pilz is advising the “World Renewal Spiritual Trust (WRST)” a sister organization to the spritual organization Brahma Kumaris, that is behind the establishment of the ambitious solar power project india-one, that is designed to expand the use of alternative energy sources in India.

…” the world is to a certain extent a reflection of how we are inside. So if we want to clean up the world outside, we have to clean up inside and become peaceful, relaxed and tolerant. Then the world will become a better place……….” – Golo Pilz

Besides advocating for the promotion of alternative energy sources, Golo Pilz also has a radical approach concerning the ethics of lifestyle, food consumption and production, indicating a strong critic of the rational western tradition. Among others, he views the global expansion of vegatarianism as an important key in the transformation to a more sustainable world.

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