Panel Debate on Green Washing

lessmagazine | 2012 2015

Text By Gez Barton
Photos by Victor Jones

On the 21nd of May 2014 Less Magazine hosted its first panel debate centred on the use of Green PR within the fashion and textiles industry. The debate was appropriately held at the Dome of Visions, a beautiful minimalist structure inspired by the geodesic domes popularised in the 1960´s by Buckminster Fuller, and built with the intention to house discussions and new ideas about solutions for the climate changes to come. Following the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, it is encouraging to have the opportunity to continue the discussion around the future of our industry. The panel was made up of 5 experts within their respective fields: Johan Kryger, the Senior Manager of NICE (Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical), Charline Skovgaard, PR consultant from FairStyles, Mads Ulrik Greenfort, Co-owner of Danish based brand A Question Of as well as Lone Loklindt, representative from the Danish Social Liberal Party and environment spokeswoman, and Sarah Netter, Professor in Sustainable Fashion at CBS. With different specialisation’s across the field, it was interesting to hear their varied and informed responses to questions addressing the key issue of ´Greenwashing´, and the ensuing questions it raises about waste management, the implementation of new business models and the inextricable link between Corporate Social Responsibility and Transparency.

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