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Dracula Lewis (IT) + Sewn Leather (USA)

03/05/2014 @ 18:00 - 23:00


Italian space-psych-horror maestro Simone Trabucchi (aka Dracula Lewis) remains something of a mystery. The last few years Trabucchi spent living in Milan, creating art installations and working on his own label Hundebiss Records (Stargate, Hype Williams, Primitive Art) which saw the release of his long-awaited debut full-length U$e Your Illu$ion$ in 2013. Before that he released a 45rpm 12” Permafrost for the excellent Souterrain Transmissions in 2012, and made a split LP Gone By Dawn with Ducktails on No Fun Productions in 2010. 2014 will bring his

second full LP and a mixtape with instrumentals by Monopoly Child Searchers, Stargate, Primitive Art, Elg, Helm, HeNry UND HazEL SLAUGHTERIOUS (John Olson from Wolf Eyes), Heat Wave (Alex from Sun Araw), etc., in the Spring of 2014.




“SEWN LEATHER is underground dancehall for postmodern times, an industrial performance art troupe consisting of an unwitting audience and a tape player. What Technotronic is to hip-house, he is to harsh noise. A cult leader without a cult, hopping into the backseat of your van.” –http://jigsawunderground.blogspot.it

“An almost-gross affair that gouges ears and strangles a specific strain of claustrophobic coldwave until it’s lifeless and corroded” -Tiny Mix Tapes

“A gnarled patchwork of cheapo suitcase electronics, primitive beats and throbbing energy, like a Dr Moreau genetic splicing of early hiphop and Wolf Eyes’ most fist-pumping moments. Over this, Pyn spits out heavily distorted vocals that veer from a bratty, amphetamine sneer to a detached, robotic drawl (effectively reiterating the shared origins of punk’s refusenik fury and New Wave’s glazed futurism)” – Daniel Spicer, The Wire

New LP Freak on Hashish will be out on Hundebiss Records right before the European Tour.



18:00 - 23:00


Dome of Visions, Søren Kierksgaards Plads
Søren Kierkegaards Plads
København K, 1016 Denmark
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