Dome of Visions made from sustainable wood | 1108 2017

Aarhus in Denmark is the European Capital of Culture in 2017, and for this occasion, a huge transparent dome of glue-laminated timber will serve as the Aarhus municipal pavilion for building culture. The dome-shaped wooden building, Dome of Visions, is made from Metsä Wood’s sustainable Kerto® LVL beams.  It will throughout 2017 give inspiration for new ways of building and living. At the same time, the building will function as a modern community hall, which will make room for conferences and debates on the sustainable cities and buildings of the future.

Interior of Dome of Visions is 450 square meters

The dome is an improved version of two previous dome experiments. The first was placed in both Aarhus and Copenhagen, and the second in Stockholm. In this third version, the dome has grown to be 10.5 metres tall and with a cross section of 24 metres, which forms a room of 450 square metres. It is about 100 m2 larger than versions 1 and 2.

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