Dome of Visions – A space in-between

Spotted by Locals | 24062015 By: Sigrid Sturlason

On the dock by The Royal Library sits a rather peculiar structure, you’ll see it when passing Langebro. It’s the Dome of Visions – a new visionary icon for art, architecture, climate debate, city planning and social and cultural awareness.

The idea was to create a space in between. To let this temporary structure be a useful and beautifying element in for instance a construction site or other kinds of “no-spaces” in any city. You’ll easily see that, as Dome of Visions currently resides between messy road constructions on one side and the beautiful ‘Black Diamond’ on the other. The dome has resided on another location in Copenhagen earlier, then in Aarhus, and now it’s back in Copenhagen until 2015 (or at least that’s what I’ve heard). Where it travels to next, I don’t know.

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