Copenhagen´s nomadic greenhouse; Dome of Visions

philscopenhagen | 0402 2015

Standing on Søren Kierkegaards Plads, exposed to a bitterly cold wind, with a blizzard threatening, I missed the departure of harbor bus 991 by seconds. I decided to head for shelter in the Dome. I was met by the sight of a group of Italian tourists, sitting huddled together under blankets, like frozen peas in a pod, hands cupped around their mugs of coffee. With the wind whipping up the snow outside, I decided to wander and explore around the Dome of Visions. Apparently, I had gate-crashed an event celebrating maritime life in Denmark, as the most luscious of oysters from the north-west of Jutland were being opened, served and immediately swallowed. A DJ was providing warm vibes oblivious to the conditions outside.


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