Booking 1:2 in english

Dear organiser
You have received this link from the curatorial assistant. We kindly ask you to fill in the general information about your event. Having filled in the 1. booking link, the date will be reserved, but the booking is not completed until the 2. bookinglink has been filled in. Your reply is forwarded to our day-to-day manager, Martin Voola, who together with his colleagues will follow your event through. In case of major changes to your event, please fill in this form again so that we receive the updated information automatically.

During the booking, reference is made to the following document: Terms and conditions for renting and use, Catering. Therefore, please read this in advance.

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What kind of catering do you need?*

NB: you are not allowed to bring your own food and beverages unless agreed upon in advance.

Terms and conditions*
, I have read and accept Terms and conditions for renting and use.

Cancellation fee*
, I have read about and accept a cancellation fee of DKK. 2,500 per event day when cancelling less than 14 days before the event should take place.

Information for invoicing*

Information for invoicing should be specified in case of cancellation and payment of cancellation fee, as well as for payment of agreed rental and catering.

NB: For practical arrangements, bar and technic please contact the day-to-day manager of the Dome, Martin Voola on If you have a channel plan/rider, please attach this. Remember to write event name and date in the mail.