3D-printed house dome inspired by Bucky Fuller’s tensegrity

faircompanies | by kirstendirksen 2802 2016

In 1960 American architect/futurist Buckminster Fuller envisioned building a dome over Manhattan to regulate weather and air pollution. A half century later, a Danish construction company built a Bucky Fuller-inspired “geodesic” dome in the center of one of Copenhagen’s largest plazas as an experiment in future living: single family home and mini urban farm included.

“So the thinking of the dome itself and that was also Buckminster Fuller’s idea was: could you live inside a greenhouse,” explains the Dome of Visions founder Martin Manthorpe (of NCC Construction). The Danish dome, designed by architects Kristoffer Tejlgaard and Benny Jepsen, is also meant as a challenge to our conventional ideas on housing: “to explore the idea of the greenhouse as a third space that is both inside and outside at once”.

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